Meet Ben and Liz who have been matched with twin girls!

Ben and Liz are no strangers to adoption.  They adopted their son Jonathan as a newborn infant in 2016 and are so thankful for their little boy!

They started their second domestic infant adoption process in early 2019 and were both surprised and thrilled to be matched with identical twin girls!   They found out that the girls would be due just 7 weeks from their matching date. They have been quickly preparing their home and hearts for these sweet babies who are due soon via c-section.  This has also left little time to gather their money.

The cost for this adoption is over $45,000. While they were able to cover most of this thanks to donations and savings, they also had to take out a $9,000 loan to cover the balance.

They know that they cannot do this alone and say that the support of their community has been humbling and so appreciated.