Meet Chad and Kelly who are adopting from Bulgaria!

Meet Chad and Kelly.  They live in Madison, WI and have been together for 3 years, and married for 2 years. Chad works as a postal carrier, and Kelly is a stay at home parent. Their 2-year-old daughter is living with multiple special needs. Prior to their daughter being born, Kelly worked for many years in public mental health as a counselor/case manager. In their free time, they enjoy spending time outdoors, quality time with family and friends, cooking and being creative, and anything musical. This is their adoption story.

When Kelly was 21, she was diagnosed with PCOS, a leading cause of infertility in women. She knew that having a biological child may not be possible, and her heart began to open to the possibility of adoption one day.

Shortly after her diagnosis was made, Kelly spent a month volunteering in an orphanage setting in Russia, where she witnessed firsthand the incredible need of children worldwide who are waiting for forever families.

Immediately after coming home, Kelly knew that she wanted to go back one day to adopt a child. Unfortunately, inter-country adoption between the U.S. and Russia is no longer possible, but after researching many other countries, she and Chad decided on Bulgaria. 

Our surprise baby arrived in 2016. Due to the severity of Kelly's PCOS symptoms, we had believed that we would need fertility treatments in order to get pregnant.

While we were initially hopeful about having a second baby, after 18 months of secondary infertility, we realized that our desire to grow our family was stronger than our desire to have another biological child, and that we wanted to pursue our adoption dream.

While we did consider more invasive and expensive fertility treatments, we ultimately decided that we would rather put our resources into parenting a child already in need of a home.

Our daughter was born with multiple, significant special needs, and our experiences with her had opened our hearts to parenting another exceptional child.

About two months into our adoption process, after we had chosen our agencies, and started our paperwork, we fell in love with a precious 2-year-old girl on a Bulgaria waiting child listing. 

Although initially we were not open to parenting another child with such significant needs, our hearts slowly began to open more after reading her file, looking at her photos, and watching her videos (admittedly, way more than once each!). She became a real child to us, beyond just the diagnoses that had been listed. She reminded us so much of our daughter, and we couldn't imagine her continuing life without the love and support of a forever family.

We knew that we would have our hands very full someday when she came home, and that paying for such a fast adoption would be a big stretch for us, but we couldn't deny the strong calling we felt towards wanting to be her parents.

In September 2018, our application to adopt her was accepted by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, and we were given a deadline of 6 months to complete and file our paperwork. Once our match is formally made at that time, we'll be traveling to Bulgaria to meet her!