Meet Daniel & Kara, who know that adoption is not easy but absolutely worth it!

We loved hearing Daniel and Kara's adoption story, as their lives have already been touched by adoption and they are now on the journey again. Here is their story:

We are Daniel and Kara and our daughter, Aaliyah (age 5) came to us through foster care when she was 8 months old. Building a relationship with her, her foster family, and her siblings has been an integral part of our lives.

We don’t have experience building a family any other way. You see, we have been on a journey of infertility for 11 years. Infertility led us to adoption.  Adoption has been the hardest thing we have ever done as a family, yet also, without doubt, the most rewarding!

We met in college, in statistics class. We were friends for 2 years before dating. After a few months, we got engaged, and 7 months later, got married. Almost 14 years later, and we are still best friends. Daniel is the middle of 3 boys.  He works as a hospital chaplain. Kara is the oldest of 4. She works part time as a licensed professional counselor. Aaliyah is a force to be reckoned with! She has a very expressive personality, and whatever she feels, she feels 100%! She, along
with our dog & cat (Kaliah & Zoe), provide hours of entertainment. We often joke about Daniel being the only guy in a family full of girls!

As a family, we communicate well, love each other, and show it often. We have a lot of the same interests & friends, and we have a similar outlook on faith and God. The three of us are in agreement that we would like to add to our family. There have been countless prayers and discussions about a baby brother or sister.  Starting the adoption process again has given us several opportunities to talk more about Aaliyah’s adoption story. We have been intentional about including conversations about race, culture, and family of origin. Our prayer has always been that we are the right family for a child, and that the right child
finds their way to our family. That way might have twists and turns, but in the end, we believe it is God-ordained.  This adoption journey may not have been easy, but it is absolutely worth it. Looking forward (again) to doing the hardest, best thing that life has to offer.

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