Meet Joe & Jaclyn - they are now a waiting family, ready to adopt!

Meet Joe and Jaclyn.  They love to laugh, get coffee together, and take their roles of aunt and uncle seriously.  They have been married for almost eight years, but were friends for almost a decade before they even started dating.  This is their adoption story.

Early on in Joe and Jaclyn’s marriage, they had discussed adoption a little bit, but planned on having biological children first.  However, four years later, their initial family building plans were made difficult by a devastating diagnosis of severe endometriosis.  They would spend several years doing fertility treatments, unfortunately with no success.  

They officially started the process to adopt in February of 2017, and we are proud to announce that as of July, 2018 they are officially a waiting family through an adoption agency's domestic infant adoption program!

They are thrilled and so excited to grow their family through adoption, and would like to thank their friends and family who have supported and loved them through the difficult years of infertility and continue now as they enter into the waiting period of adoption.

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