Meet Josiah and Anna who are on a great adventure to find their second child!

We love this story about Josiah and Anna who believe that their future expectant mother is looking for them as they are looking for her and trusting that they will find each other in a very non-traditional way.

Hi there! We wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Josiah and Anna. Our adorable son is Dylan who is 8. We met in our early 20's and fell in love and were married a little over a year later. Shortly after, Josiah left for boot camp for the Navy, and once we moved to our first duty station we were happy to find out we were pregnant with Dylan. We have now been married for coming up on 10 years, have had three different duty stations and countless moves but this new adventure is our greatest one!

We had hoped for some time to add to our family after being blessed with our son Dylan in 2010. However, after not being able to conceive again, we found a few years later that we have secondary infertility.

Once we received this shocking news we knew we had to take a step back. We needed to grieve, to learn how to heal and to truly take the time to see how we felt about forever being a family of three. As time passed and hearts mended, we continue to all feel as though there was still a missing piece of our family. Out of all the options we had to try and conceive our own child again, it was God that placed in our hearts this incredible desire to adopt. We love being parents and we know that there is plenty of room in our hearts to love another child. 

The cost of adoption can be staggering and that is why we are hoping to self-match using social media and a lawyer and social worker instead of the traditional agency route. We believe that our future expectant mother is looking for us just as we are searching for her. Thank you for sharing, contributing and being part of our adoption journey!