Meet Michael and Bethany who are ready to adopt a child!

Michael and Bethany love kids and are ready to adopt their first child. We are so excited to share their story with you!

We have been married for almost 8 years and have been unable to have biological children. We also have a kitty and a dog who adores kids.  I (Bethany), have always been interested in adoption, because I have 7 adopted siblings :) In 2013, we felt God calling us to do foster care!

In 2014, we got our first placement and she stayed with us for 2½ years! Her 2 brothers joined us later and stayed for 1½ years before all 3 of them were reunited with family. 

When we moved to Virginia, in January, we thought about doing foster care again. However, we went to the first class and decided we couldn't put ourselves through that emotional roller coaster again of fostering. We prayed and decided to pursue domestic adoption of a baby or young child and we started to get our adoption home study done!

 In July, we began the process to become adoptive parents. We are now officially approved for ages 0-5 and are open to taking special needs children of either gender.

We feel called to help children and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us through this adoption!!

Shop this week to help support Michael and Bethany with their adoption fees. A portion of all proceeds will go directly to help with their adoption.