Meet Peter & Mindy who are on an unexpected adventure this holiday season!

When I had the idea for Honeycomb Hope, I wanted to help families by easing the enormous cost of their adoptions.  What I never imagined was how these families would encourage and inspire me every week.

The very first week, our featured family was adopting a teenage girl from an orphanage in the Ukraine.  This family had hosted and adopted brothers before this.  When I heard about this hosting program that organized this, my first thought was, “you can do that?!”

Abi assured me, that “Yes, people do that!” 

They fill airplanes with orphans from across the globe to give them a break from the orphanage and allow them to experience what it is like to live in a loving family!

I was in awe that such a program existed and began to research.  I had so many questions. What is it like to live in a Ukrainian orphanage?  What are the kids’ expectations of host parents? What would it take to become an advocate for these children?

Some families will host children and later adopt them.  Some will host children in their homes but the kids are eventually adopted by others here who know them.  Some don’t adopt, but they continue a relationship as their “parents” from afar as they support the kids emotionally and financially.  I have since encountered many of these families, and I am so inspired by their open hearts and compassion for these children.

Several weeks ago, Peter and I joined a special group of people who organize the hosting of Ukrainian children. We were given access to a photo-listing of children hoping to be hosted this Christmas. As we read about each child, we quickly realized that we didn’t know how anyone could pick just one!  After seeing the children, Peter said, “They don’t have parents. We don’t have kids.  It kind of works out.” 

We decided to inquire about two different children. We talked to a mentor with the hosting program over the phone. At the end of the conversation, she told us that we could think about it, but we already knew our decision. We said, “No, we’re ready to commit right now!” We both just knew that “Z” was meant to be our little boy. 

So, that’s it!  We are hosting an 8-year-old boy named “Z” this holiday season.  We will get to pick him up from the airport and love on him for four weeks. 

Does he speak English?  Nope.  And we don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, but we do speak love, safety, warmth, and a full belly.  And I am really good at charades.  Also, soccer, Uno, and dance parties don’t need to speak the same language. 

We are so excited to meet “Z” and see where this next adventure takes us!

Please consider supporting us this week as we raise money to bring “Z” here for Christmas.  We will be paying for his plane ticket as well as any other cost associated with his trip: airport meals, chaperone, a full winter wardrobe and probably too many Christmas presents.