Meet Rich and Terri who are on a journey of miracles!

Hello!  We are Rich, Terri, and Erynne, and “normal” would describe our household. We live in the Midwest with average weather and an average, normal house. We pay bills and go camping. We try to love God and our neighbors as ourselves. We work, babysit, play softball, and love homemade lasagna.

Then something abnormal happened to us. We met two orphans. They were not just any kind of orphans; they were two are sisters who have lived most of their lives in a Ukrainian orphanage.

Nina and Katya are teenagers. They were hosted by a single American woman last summer so they could visit America. Their sponsor showered them with care. When we found out that they arrived here with just a change of underwear and were in desperate need of dental care, our hearts went out to them.

Our daughter Erynne enjoyed getting to know them at youth group functions and as the summer drew to a close, it was Erynne who asked the loaded, not-so-normal question, “Can we adopt them?”

Questions. Prayers. Considerations. Counsel. In August, just before the girls were about to return to Ukraine, we made our decision, “Yes!” But the girls needed to agree. We will never forget their big smiles and bear hugs as they agreed to let us be their parents.

Now comes the hard part. They returned to the Ukraine, while we tackle an abnormal dream of international adoption.

Over the last ten months, we have raised money in a variety of ways: Gofundme, Italian dinner, silent auction, selling fancy socks, one little girl was so taken with the story, that she went door-to-door collecting money! This is not normal!

Ten months ago, we never dreamed that we would be getting ready to love two new family members. We never dreamed that we would purchase a bigger home to house two beautiful orphans from the other side of the world. We never dreamed our normal family of three would grow to five. We never dreamed our normal day would include Facebook chats with orphans blowing kisses and waving. We never dreamed our hearts would ache so much to love and hold a 13 and 17 year old who need a mom, and dad, and sister to love them so much.

“A real family is waiting, Nina and Katya. Please hang on to your dreams! Who will take care of your special needs? We will. Who will provide for you for the rest of your lives? We will! Who will help you through the years of loneliness and abandonment? We will!”

Nina and Katya have turned our average, normal world into a journey of miracles to make a forever home for them. Welcome to our new normal.

Shop today to support their adoption. A portion of every purchase this week will go towards helping them with their adoption fees to bring these two girls home.