Meet Tim and Kara and their family who feel called to adopt...again!

Tim and Kara and their family have been in the adoption process in one way or another since 2008.  In this time, they experienced four failed adoptions: two before birth and two after birth.  They even had a baby boy in their home for a week before the adoption fell through.  However, through it all, they felt the call to adopt one of the lost boys of China.  This is their story.

We brought home our son Malakai in Jan. 2016.   Malakai has obit syndrome, a very rare syndrome that caused a midline deletion (Cleft) down the entire midline of his body. He has had to fight for his life for five years and is proving God victorious!

Malakai has endured numerous reconstructive surgeries and has had many medical struggles through his life thus far but he has not allowed that to crush his spirit.

We also have four biological children. Their ages range from 7 to 12. Like their parents, they all have the heart of adoption and love their little brother with all their hearts.

Our entire family feels as though we are missing a soul in our family. 

Malakai said, “Mommy, Elijah, Becki, Isaiah and Nevaeh all were born out of your tummy. I want a baby sibling who is born from birthmother’s tummy like me.”  

We knew without a doubt that we must try to adopt one more time and are currently matched with a baby girl who is due in January. 

The failed adoptions put a major cross on our hearts as well as financially. We are thankful for everyone who is generous enough to help us with our adoption costs and purchases something from Honeycomb Hope this week!

We have one more year left before our last home study runs out and we are praying so hard that we will be able to bring home an angel to complete our that “is born out of birthmother's tummy.”